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EV Bike Girl Wants to Build 400 mph "KillaJoule" Electric Motorcycle


I like people who dream about getting to the top of their best skills, but when I see a girl wanting to build a 400 mph motorcycle I’m even more amazed. Eva Hi€kansson, the daughter of Sven Hi€kansson, who in the 1960s designed and rode his own championship-winning bike, and the wife of Bill Dubé, the man behind Killacycle, the world’s fastest electric vehicle (bike), wants to make her own motorcycle with an aerodynamic shape that would beat all the world records.

Her motorcycle is named “ElectroCat” a 100 mph EV, and she wants it to be tested in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, a 12.42 mile track that has 156 turns and climbs from 9,390 feet to the summit at 14,110 feet.

Hi€kansson met Dubé at a conference in 2007, when she asked permission to use a picture of KillaCycle. To make a long story short, Eva says: “We met at a conference in 2007, in 2008 I moved in and we got married in 2009.”

The 400 mph bike is going to be called “KillaJoule” (note the resemblance), of which they have already built the chrome-moly frame, and the front suspension with the help of Eva’s father. The bike will use A123’s batteries, just like the KillaCycle.

“We’re trying to be green,” says Hi€kansson. “I’s not easy, but we’re trying.”

Just to make yourself an idea about the acceleration the KillaCycle has, watch the video below:

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