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CRP Racing's New Electric Superbike with Built-In GPS System


The Italian electric super sports motorcycle dubbed the eCRP 1.2 is no longer a secret. CRP Racing has recently unveiled for the first time its new electric superbike at the Motorsports Industry Association (MIA) Green Conference in Birmingham, UK.

It has been made for the UK-based company, TTXGP, being the first Italian bike to join the world’s first zero carbon, clean emission motorcycle series.

Due to its Italian style and design, the eCRP 1.2 is aiming to win many hearts. It is equipped with a 7.4 KWh battery pack, on-Board Battery Management System and Twin Agni 95 DC motors. Reaching a top speed of 200 Km/hour and weighing 160 Kgs, the electric superbike requires just 3 hours of charging. According to the company, the dimension and shape of this bike make it very easy to drive.

Besides this, eCRP 1.2 has a TTXGP configuration, which means longevity of 40km at race speeds, being enough for a standard TTXGP race. It will also have a GPS system integrated, in order to let the rider keep track of the closest charging point.

[Source: Ecofriend/RoadRacerx]

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