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Tesla Model S “Performance Plus” Package For Handling and Efficiency

Tesla Model S in the Factory, Best Time to Install all those Performance Plus Goodies
Tesla Model S in the Factory, Best Time to Install all those Performance Plus Goodies

I would never have thought the Tesla Model S ought to handle like a McLaren MP4-12C, but the comment apparently got Elon Musk thinking.

When Elon Musk starts thinking about something, it usually ends up turning into something tangible, such as the now-available Performance Plus package.

The package adds $6,500 to the Tesla Model S 85kWh Performance from the factory, and adds stiffer suspension components and thinner and wider tires. The retrofit costs quite a bit more [$13,500] to put most of these parts on an existing vehicle, but to keep costs down doesn’t include the upgraded sway bars and dampers.

The results are pretty impressive either way. What the package gives is the the twitchy handling that one would expect of a supercar like the McLaren, that rocket-sled-on-rails feeling that performance drivers absolutely go ga-ga for [not that ga-ga].

As a side-benefit, besides improving handling, the Tesla Model S Performance Plus is actually more efficient, as the options page explains: “our vehicle dynamics team was able to achieve the rare outcome of simultaneously improving performance, comfort and efficiency. …the rear tires are 20 mm wider and staggered for improved acceleration on low grip surfaces. Range improves 6 to 12 miles over regular 21” wheels.”

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