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BACS: Biodegradable Packaging Fabricated by Bacteria



Today’s civilized society sometimes uses weird ways of doing things, like packing software serial numbers in cardboard or a lot of plastic. A project, named Bacs, is using bacteria to make an interesting cellulose material for green packaging.

The bacterium is called acetobacter xylinum, and, if fed with sugar, it is able to create a biodegradable paper-like shell, surrounding the object to be packaged into a “fibrous nano-scaled cellulose network”. The innovation brought its designer, Mareike Frenseimer, the third place in the Cargo Packs 2020 contest, funded by Bayer MaterialScience.

Packing things up in biodegradable materials is something that everybody, from users to companies, wishes. Plus, this kind of biodegradable packaging will save a lot of carbon being emitted into the air and a lot of petrol to be used for making the plastics. It’s very interesting – I would have given it the first prize.

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