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Batpod-Like Electric Bike for Sale on eBay


Batpod-537x318Are you a fan of motorbikes? Or green technology? Or superheros? How about all of the above? If the fourth option is the one you choose, then you will be particularly interested in what comes next. Log in to eBay, prepare $27,500 and after two mouse clicks you can be the sole owner of a 2002 Harley Davidson V-Rod, which has been custom made into an 100% electric bike that resembles exactly the Batpod from The Dark Knight.

The bike has tons of cool features, most of which have been designed from scratch using raw materials like aluminium and steel stock. It is a brand new, unique, fully functioning and very reliable mode of transportation, which has been ridden for only 150 miles as an electric bike. The twin-cylinder is taken from HPEVS, which is much greener than the original and can reach up to 65 horsepower and 82 pound-feed of torque.

The electric Batpod is equipped with a regenerative breaking system and it is powered by eight AGM lead-acid batteries. The engineer behind this incredible machine borrowed the remaining components of the bike such as the wheels and the fork tubes, from other bikes, making it not only green but also recycled.

Probably the only limitation that can be found here is the durability of the batteries. These can last for only about 40 miles before they need recharging, but imagine how many heads will turn after you and how amazing this ride will feel. I bet the one and only thought that will cross your mind when you are about to reach that 40th mile would be to just charge it again and go for another ride around the block.

Here’s a ride demo of the thing: http://youtu.be/lGSMaYrgFiE

Update: the auction has ended

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