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Batteriser Prolongs The Life of Disposable Batteries


batterizer_480Batteriser is a thin metal sleeve-like gadget, which wraps around any standard battery, making its life up to eight times longer.

It turns out that every disposable battery is recognized by electronic devices as “usable” only when it generates more than 1.5 Volts. As soon as this number drops by as little as 0.1 of a Volt, the battery is no longer accepted by the devices and considered empty. However, a battery that generates 1.4 Volts still has as much as 80% of it energy inside, meaning that throwing it away is a huge waste of resources.

An enthusiastic electrical engineer, Bob Roohparvar from the US-based start-up Batteroo, decided to do something about this, not only because it is a shame to waste so much available energy, but also because battery disposal, especially when sent to landfills, is, how to put it nicely, not the most eco-friendly activity.

Roohparvar decided to work with the existing technology of voltage boosters, which has been around for many years, but has never quite managed to make it when it came to practicality. What he did was to shrink his device down to a 0.1mm thickness with a miniaturization technique, which made it fit into almost all battery-powered devices- from wireless keyboards, all the way to remote controls.

The revolutionary Batteriser can boost the voltage of batteries of any size- from AAA to D, through a boost circuitry, which maintains the voltage at 1.5 Volts, until it drops down to 0.6 Volts. Roohparvar conducted numerous tests to make sure it really works on various devices, and indeed it did every single time. This is definitely something that no one has ever been able to achieve.

Now, the best part. It is not a prototype, it is a real product that in fact also works on rechargeable batteries. It is about to hit the market shelves as early as this coming September. But, most importantly, it is deadly cheap. The price for a pack of four is $10!

There will be an Indiegogo campaign later on this month, so if you are interested to be one of the first to put their hands on the brilliant Batteriser, make sure you keep an eye for the campaign launch.

Image (c) Batteroo

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