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Bedmap2 Model Reveals Antarctic Ice’s Unknown Secrets


original1A new model developed by the British Antarctic Survey in collaboration with various international contributors, gives the opportunity to everyone to observe what happens beneath the ice cover in Antarctica.

The model called Bedmap2, uses cartographic data, radio echo sounding measurements, satellite readings and seismic techniques. The result is a picture of a scenery that has never been seen before.

The team of scientists, who created it, was able to identify hidden areas that are located much lower than the Earth’s continental plates, such as the one under the Byrd Glacier in Victoria Land at 2,870 meters below sea level.

The model also allows estimation of the sea-level raise caused by the melting of Antarctic ice. The scientists were able to show that the contribution of the ice caps equals 58 meters, which is just under the previously thought 61 meters. The team proved that the accuracy of their measurements is much higher.

In the last few months of 2012, many major news agencies worldwide issued warnings that temperature is raising much faster than expected. Although the predicted numbers are still controversial, scientists publishing in the leading scientific journals, such as Nature Geoscience, are certain that the rates are alarming.

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