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Belumbury Dany and Lallo Concepts Customizable, Frugal, and Fun?

Belumbury Dany Concept at the Geneva Motor Show
Belumbury Dany Concept at the Geneva Motor Show

Ask the nice people on the stage at the Geneva Motor Show how much the Belumbury Dany and Lallo concepts are worth, and you’ll get an answer as clear as the unconventional names of the concepts themselves.

The best answer you can get is, “30,000€ with all the options,” which equates to about $39,000.

Options, apparently, are what the Belumbury Dany and Lallo are all about, mixing and matching [and pronounced] like a trip through IKEA. The drivetrain is available in 61mpg gasoline or 112mi electric, and everything else is up for debate.

Each vehicle is made to the client’s specifications, including tires, wheels, paint job, stereo, seating materials, among other things, except the Lallo doesn’t come with doors or even a roof.

The Italian carmaker has been selling these for about a year now, and actually doesn’t even register as an automobile, but a quadricycle, that is, a four-wheel motorcycle.

In fact, you don’t even need a regular automobile license to drive one, just a motorcycle license. Of course, there are limitations, maxing out at 56mph, isn’t rated for highways. Still, the highly fuel-efficient Belumbury Dany and Lallo concepts look interesting, and I’m sure no two will look alike.

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