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F**k Mars! Save Earth! See Bill Maher’s New Video


In the light of recent events and discussions at the highest levels possible, it looks like we’re doomed. I started this blog almost 10 years ago on an optimistic note – we could save Earth if we wanted to, if each and every one of us did the right things…

But it isn’t so. In 10 years, I’ve come to find out that Earth and its fate is actually ruled by a handful of people, and if they won’t take action and impose the necessary policy and financial changes, we’re all doomed. We can’t buy electric cars when their price is two or three times the one of a gas car. We can’t do science if our funding is cut, or can’t even write about these things if there are no more things happening in this realm.

Meanwhile, the “get to Mars” idea was born from the head of Elon Musk – who otherwise is my idol – but saving Earth seems a much more plausible idea in the first place, given the current state of things.

Saving Earth and then getting to Mars would be best, therefore. Efforts of getting out of here could be futile if we don’t actually have enough time to work on getting to Mars, because of wars and pollution.

Watch the video and please share your opinions in the comment section below, for humanity’s sake.

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  1. Hate to tell you this but the “get to mars” thing was not born from Elon Musk.

    Also only a fool fails to realize that for every dollar spent on space research we get 10 back in economic benefit. Understanding how to survive on Mars gives us the benefit of understanding how to survive on Earth better, including how to take care of our Biosphere.

  2. I watched it in his show a while ago already, before it was revamped into this animated new version. Bill is perfectly right, manned missions to Mars don’t make any sense at this stage, especially when it’s done just for morale or pride or expected financial gains.

    Elon Musk with his fully automated new Tesla production line should know that unmanned missions are possible and actually a pre-requirement before any manned mission: Before you can send anyone there, you need to bring all these building materials, and send robots to build oxygen and water making/extracting devices, build living spaces, plant potato fields (who knew it was so critical to survival on Mars before the movie) and send satellites with GPS, mobile phone, Twitter and other Internet features, because no contemporary astronomer can live without their iPad…

    Unmanned missions are also much more affordable, that half trillion dollars will as usual turn into a several trillions budget over time. I am sure they did not factor in the wall they’ll need to build to prevent aliens from entering the mission.


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