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Bjorn Nyland Sets New Tesla Model S Distance Record on Single Charge


byorn-nyland-tesla-record“Mileage will vary” is a phrase you often hear from auto manufacturers. They add that often as an excuse to the potential customers for the fact that their cars may do fewer miles on a tank/charge than they wrote in advertisements.

Bjorn Nyland, long-time Tesla motorist and hyperactive YouTube Tesla poster from Norway has recently embarked on an 18+ hour journey with an average speed of 24mph (40 km/h) and set a new distance record of 728.7 kilometers (452.8 mi) in his Model S P85D (that I’ve also tested back in April).

He and his friend even put warning signs on the car saying “TEST / SLOW” for the other traffic participants not to swear at them or even think ugly stuff about Tesla.

As long as it may seem, this distance is of almost null practicality in real world driving conditions, but it shows what can be attained from an electric car if you have the will (and the car).

Elon Musk himself posted the record on his Twitter account two days later, on Aug 27. Take a look, it’s not long.

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