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BMW 5-Series Hybrid Only Meant for Chinese Roads, In Limited Numbers


The creation of a hybrid car by BMW and Brilliance China Automotive Holdings is probably less of a remorseful impulse than more of a general trend among the big automakers to be eco-friendly. China is currently one of the most polluting state in the world and this would explain why the new 50% combustion engine 50% electric motor prototype has only gone half way.

The plug-in hybrid vehicle used the 5-Series Sedan as a model and has the following features: the combustion engine has been created using the BMW’s Twin Power Turbo Technology and has 249 miles minimum range. Regarding its electric potential, once charged, the car can go up to 47 miles at a continuous speed of 37 miles per hour.

The vehicle is only set to be produced after 2013 and only as a limited series. The public can get more acquainted with the model within a few weeks, when it will get a chance to admire it at the Shanghai Auto Show. As an interesting aspect, the car will only be rolling on the Chinese roads for the moment.

For those readers who are not very impressed with this “green side” of the vehicle, please think about this: for the US market, BMW will only make a mild hybrid version of the car… In the light of this possibility, doesn’t this car look greener now?

[via EcoFriend]

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