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BMW C Evolution, Top of the Line Electric Scooter

BMW C Evolution Electric Scooter, Coming Soon to Crowded European Streets
BMW C Evolution Electric Scooter, Coming Soon to Crowded European Streets

If a car can be electrified, such as the BMW i3, then it goes without question that so could something a little smaller, like a motorcycle or scooter. BMW’s answer to that is the nimble and light BMW C Evolution electric scooter.

Depending on the climate in your area, a motorcycle or scooter could be an excellent way to get around. They don’t take up much room in your garage, occupy less than a quarter of a parking space, and get excellent fuel economy. What could be better than if it used no fuel at all? The BMW C Evolution, a fully electric scooter, could be exactly what you are looking for, as long as you live in Europe, that is.

The prototype was being tested as late as August last year, and looks to be finally ready for production, according to a BMW press release. The new BMW C Evolution isn’t simply a converted conventional scooter, but has been built, from the ground up, as an electric scooter. For example, instead of a traditional frame with battery, electric motor, and drivetrain added to it, the battery case is the frame, with suspension and steering components added to it.

BMW Motorrad didn’t go it alone when coming to the design of the BMW C Evolution, using some of the same technology already put to use in the BMW i3 plug-in hybrid electric vehicle [PHEV], including the battery modules, albeit on smaller scale, and electronic components. Regarding high-voltage safety, the electric scooter is built to passenger-car safety standards.

The BMW C Evolution is a top-of-the-line electric scooter, featuring four electric drive modes, varying performance, energy-consumption and -recovery characteristics, as well as standard disc brakes, anti-lock braking system, and traction control. On the performance side, the max-48hp liquid-cooled electric motor gives better acceleration than some 600cc scooters, a top speed of 75mph and, if driven reasonably, range up to 62mi. Recharging is via standard 220V/12A plug in about four hours, or three hours on a 16A circuit. Pricing isn’t available, yet.

Image © BMW

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