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BMW i3 Unveiled at the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show


BMW i3 Electric VehicleCan a electric vehicle [EV] be anything but a fishy-looking mileage-miser with no more purpose than basic transportation? Many drivers have poo-pooed the Toyota Prius hybrid for such infractions, but does that mean that all electrified vehicles are built alike?

A recent look at BMW i’s newest offering has us thinking that perhaps an EV can be fun to drive as well as fuel efficient.

Far from looking like a flashy concept car, the new BMW i3 and i8 definitely do not look the part of ‘mileage miser,’ but rather, something that perhaps even the most discerning driver could appreciate. What else would we expect from BMW?

The new BMW i3 concept was revealed in full yesterday at the opening of the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show, and is expected to see production by 2014.

The BMW i3 features updated features for EVs, such as a more realistic estimate of range and battery state of charge. The navigation system is more in tune with the EV system, choose better routes based on topography and traffic congestion to maximize the battery pack’s capacity, which is about 100 miles. The better range should make it more attractive, but doesn’t come without cost, as the new i3 is expected to go for over $100,000.

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