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BMW X6 ActiveHybrid to be Withdrawn from US Stores Soon


Initially launched in 2009 and hailed as the most powerful hybrid on the market, the BMW X6 ActiveHybrid will be withdrawn from US stores, after less than two years of existence.

This information comes from specialist BMW site bimmerfile.com. One of the car’s possible drawbacks was the price itself, because it started at $88,900.

The relatively poor fuel economy comes second. BMW stated at the time that the car’s fuel consumption would be 28.5 mpg, but real life tests performed by autocar.com in November 2009 proved that it lied around 22.2 mpg – the diesel version drank less, but at the sacrifice of power.

Anyways, this is the fuel consumption at regular speeds, but not when the car uses all of its 400 bhp coming from the turbocharged V8.

Well, BMW has not made any official announcement yet, but they’re expected to do so. After all, at the cost of $88,900 you’ll buy a second-hand Tesla Roadster and run fully electric in a car that will surely turn more heads than the bimmer X6, whatever the configuration.

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