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Boeing Hybrid Plane SUGAR Volt with Foldable Wings Enables Better Lift


Sugar-VoltOn being asked by NASA to forecast what could be the possible future design of airplanes, Boeing had one answer – electric. This commercial aircraft which will incorporate both traditional fuel and electric power to ensure low-emission flights is known as the Subsonic Ultra Green Aircraft Research (SUGAR) Volt flight. The SUGAR would also have a broader wing span, thus, making the aircraft an energy-efficient, lightweight commercial flight model.

Like hybrid vehicles, the SUGAR would also juice up at an electrical source at the airport. When extra power is needed such as during takeoff, this would be provided with traditional fuel to the dual turbine engines located under each of the wings.

The flight could then release less emission by using electricity for the turbo-fans for certain parts of the flight. In total, the amount of fuel consumed during each flight would be decreased by a massive 70 percent.

In addition to the greater energy-efficiency, the wings of the SUGAR Volt would also be almost double the wingspan of today’s planes, making landing and takeoff times shorter as well as ensuring better lift. However, these longer wings will be folded after landing so that the plane can fit in existing airports, allowing it to taxi and park safely.

Boeing plans to get the SUGAR Volt into flight by 2030.


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