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VW Testing Hydrogen Fuel Cell Version of Bora on European Highways


Volkswagen has recently tested two of their most advanced clean car technologies in a long-range drive, between France and Italy. The Volkswagen Bora HY.POWER and the SunFuel Bora TDI (Jetta in the U.S.) were successfully driven over the Simplon Pass, once again proving their efficiency.

They wanted to test both cars at outside temperatures below freezing point, so that’s why they chose the 6,500-foot high Simplon Pass.

The new Jetta Turbo Direct Injection is powered by a clean synthetic diesel called SunFuel, probably with the lowest emissions today. Volkswagen has big plans for this new type of fuel, intending to use it in their future zero emission fuel-cell cars.

The real “star” that needed to be tested is the Volkswagen Bora HY.POWER prototype, that uses a hydrogen fuel cell. So, through a chemical reaction between oxygen and hydrogen the car obtains its energy. The electric motor develops 75 kW and the only things it emits in the atmosphere are nothing but water vapors.

Moreover, the Bora HY.POWER uses a new type of membrane in the fuel cell and high performance capacitors. All these improvements led to higher performances on the road during the journey, so Volkswagen thinks seriously about serial production of these two cars.

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