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EVs to Feat 180 Miles per Charge by 2020, Says Bosch

Bosch's idea of an electric car
Bosch’s idea of an electric car

Bosch, as an automotive component maker (they provide electric parts even for Italian cars), sees the lowest-priced electric car to have at least 180 miles (300 kilometers) of autonomy by 2020, which is almost triple than they have now (75 to 85 miles for the Nissan Leaf).

Only the Tesla Model S currently has 265 miles on a charge, but it’s very expensive.

We keep hearing low mileages per charge when we talk about electric vehicles. This is one of the reasons that is actually keeping back people from buying them like crazy. The prognosis is optimistic, however.

The German company also said they’ll pour more than $500 million a year just to improve the range of electric vehicles, so that they’re “mass-market” in seven years.

The Bosch press release has also outlined that efficient vehicles need to be networked, so that they cooperate with the traffic infrastructure: “Electric vehicles will be connected vehicles, exchanging information with their environments. This connectivity improves safety as well as driver comfort,” said Dr. Volkmar Denner, the chairman of the board of management of Robert Bosch GmbH.

So for those who weren’t thinking to invest in Tesla or some other electric car venture, Bosch’s message sounds more like: “you’re wrong.”

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