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Just $259/mo for an Electric Vehicle? Honda Fit EV Price Drops Tomorrow!

Honda Fit EV, Just $259/mo Starting June 1
Honda Fit EV, Just $259/mo Starting June 1

Electric vehicles do have their pros and cons, but with steady gas prices and a couple of limitations unique to them, it seems that not enough people are focusing on the pros, even the most-fuel-efficient Honda Fit EV.

Of course, that is to be expected in such a young market. The early adopters were ready to pay a premium for such a new technology, but now automakers need to focus on their long-term prospects. It might require some sacrifice, though, as some automakers admit losing up to $10,000 on each electric vehicle they sell.

Bigger automakers can afford to take such losses while the electric vehicle market builds, but smaller automakers, like Fisker Automotive and Better Place, simply don’t have the resources. Honda Fit EV sales haven’t been too brisk, and with a $389/mo lease rate that’s totally understandable, even for a vehicle rated at 118mpge.

Tomorrow, that’s all going to change. Honda has announced, beginning June 1, Honda Fit EV will begin leasing for just $259/mo. Add to this zero down payment, free scheduled maintenance, and collision coverage, and it’s a pretty sweet deal. Don’t forget the free LII home electric vehicle charger. The customer will have to have it installed, but if they have a drier in the basement, they’re already set up!


For now, electric vehicle makers may have to make these sacrifices to float the market, but battery technology will eventually make electric vehicles even more affordable and help to bring prices down. Pretty soon, all electric vehicles will be just as affordable as conventional vehicles.

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