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Renault Asks, “Would You Buy a Convertible Electric Vehicle?”

Artist's Conception of a Convertible Renault ZOE Electric Vehicle
Artist’s Conception of a Convertible Renault ZOE Electric Vehicle

I think if you ask anyone that question, the answer would be, “Yes, of course I would buy a convertible electric vehicle.”

Is this even a question? How to make electric vehicles appealing is still very much on the minds of every marketer involved in the electric vehicle business. So far, every electric vehicle maker has its hook. Tesla Motors has the most range, Chevy Volt is a good combination of two technologies, and the Nissan Leaf is more affordable.

So, why not make a convertible electric vehicle? While no one would doubt the appeal, imagine driving silently on a moonlit night with the top down and not a sound of engine, just the wind curling over the windshield, your partner gazes into the night sky and you talk about nothing… [sorry, back to business].

Actually, a convertible electric vehicle might look nice and give more people the impetus to buy one. On the other hand, it could present a problem, as power tops use more electricity and weigh more, both of which cut into electric vehicle range. Even if you went with a manual soft top, the argument could be made that reduced aerodynamics would also cut into range.

Not sure if Renault will ever make one, but the artist’s representation of a topless Renault ZOE sure looks compelling. They would have to make some changes to the battery to give it the same range.



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