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BP And Sempra to Build $1 Billion US Wind Energy Project


The oil giant BP first came into the spotlight a few weeks ago for closing down its solar division, showing that maybe advancements in clean energy are driven by profit after all. Still, maybe to contradict or confirm these doubts, BP is coming back stronger than ever with a massive project of 2 wind farms to offer 560 MW.

Since BP could not carry a project this size to its term on its own, it has partnered with Sempra US Gas & Power to have the Mehoopany Wind Farm in Pennsylvania and the Flat Ridge 2 Wind Farm in Kansas see the daylight. Partnering to cover the cost of $1bn makes sense, especially since making energy prices is the target here.

Even though the 141 MW Mehoopany Wind Farm will only be finished at the end of this year, it already has its work cut out: 2 brand new contracts with Old Dominion Electric Cooperative and Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative.

Likewise, the 419 MW Flat Ridge 2 will be built by Blattner Energy and will direct its 419 MW towards three other electricity companies. These two “sisters” will be the biggest wind farms in the states they will be functioning in.

BP officials hope this is enough evidence to support their commitment to develop the clean energy sector, solar included, to make it double over the course of 2012. This is great news for the American energy market, just in case customers feared BP was giving up on them (aham).

[via BusinessGreen]

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