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Ford Recycles PET Bottles to Make Electric Car Seats


Whoever thought recycling would go that far? The first all-electric Ford Focus will continue what has now become a tradition for the company: using recycled materials to manufacture car accessories (PET bottles for carpets, tires for gaskets and dandelions for rubber components). This time the novelty consists of seats made out of recycled bottles.

The reason the company is doing this is not something you probably thought about – the reason is to improve the rate by which PET bottles are recycled in the US. So far, despite years of campaigning, the rate is still at a 29% low, when it could get to 100% through this Ford-owned initiative.

So, with this noble perspective in mind, the Ford Focus electric will be using 2 million polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles, 22 for each seat. The company taking care of this, Repreve, will be scraping up the “junk” from the North American International Auto Show and the Consumer Electronics Show, both taking place these days.

Previous and present efforts aim to reach a 25% clean technology in the interior materials Ford manufactures. We appreciate this as it gives new meanings to the phrase “green ride,” as everything about it tries to be.

[via Goodcleantech]

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