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Truth About BP’s Oil Spill in The Gulf of Mexico Uncovered


1366353304692.cachedThe BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 is known as the largest unintentional environmental disaster in history, with around 210 million gallons of Louisiana sweet crude spilled in the Gulf.

It took nearly 3 months to clean, with thousands of workers being involved. Although the media followed closely each step of the  cleaning process, the consequences it had on the health of these thousands of people, were somehow hidden from the general public.

Earlier this week, an article in The Daily Beast, revealed the story of Jamie Griffin, a chief cook and maid, responsible for feeding the workers involved in the clean up.  Following orders given by BP officials, she was exposed to various chemicals and cleaning products, trying to clean up the floors of the tanker.

Just as any other one of the hundreds of workers, Griffin developed symptoms similar to those of the Gulf War syndrome. Months after the treatment has begun, medical professionals and scientists, including Kaye H. Kilburn, a former professor of medicine at the University of Southern California and one of the nation’s leading environmental health experts, began studying the symptoms.

Three years later, the incident is long forgotten. Only the business press is still following this up, by reporting the development of the trial, taking place in New Orleans.

Many say that the cover-up was carefully planned  by BP, but not intentional. Indeed this makes sense, considering the billion dollar losses, which the company had to swallow. The company is also accused for hiding the actual amount of oil that was spilled in the gulf, which was then projected onto the clean-up workers, coastal residents and ecosystems.

In addition, it appears that BP was warned about possible consequences of such cover up, however they preferred to neglect the safety measures. This is especially the case, since even the Environmental Protection Agency issued a warning to BP to use less toxic means for the clean-up.

Nevertheless, BP continued with their cover-up, hiding important information about the consequences from using toxic materials on the health of the workers.

Besides revealing all aspects of the cover-up, and imposing additional fines on BP worth billions, lawyers at the trial in New Orleans, are pleading that BP pays all expenses related to health treatments of the workers.

Now we can only hope that the cover-up is fully exposed, and all responsible individuals can finally be accused as it should have been done years ago.

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