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Green, Fast and Smart Coffee Maker Puts an End to Plastic Pods


9868c40a2bc54edcdab662b67a7eb069_originalBruvelo is the first coffee maker that can put an end, once and for all, to the use of plastic coffee pads. What is more, it brews the perfect coffee every time at any time you tell it to.

For millions around the world the morning coffee is more of a ritual than anything else, where the quality of that precious brew could make or break the day. Yet, because of busy schedules and often having just that little bit less time in the morning, so many among us are willing to forget quality and resort to the often highly unpleasant and very eco-unfriendly plastic coffee pods.

However, a new invention, called Bruvelo, is now here to help you never again even consider those plastic coffee pods, and at the same time, never let you waste time in making your morning liquid gold. Bruvelo is a very compact coffee maker, which is not only pleasing to the eye, but also brews coffee, which is more than pleasing to your taste buds.

But this is not all. Bruvelo is also smart. Connected to your smart phone, this brilliant coffee maker can be set to make your coffee in the same way you set your alarm clock (or even better, you can synchronize the two). The coffee is perfect every single time. With perfect coffee-to-water ratio, and grinding of the coffee on the spot, Bruvelo offers a true experience every morning, ready in under two minutes.

Currently storming throw its Kickstarter campaign, having already pledged almost $350,000 with 37 days to go. Unfortunately this is only a third of what Bruvelo’s inventor, Dustin Sell, hopes to raise, so go visit the site and show him your support. You will be doing a favor not only to yourself, but also to all coffee lovers out there.

Image (c) Bruvelo

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