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World’s First Hyperloop to be Built in Spain (not US)


hyperloopElon Musk will shape the future of transportation even if Tesla loses its place as the king of electric cars.

One of his best ideas, the Hyperloop, is a capsule that travels at incredibly high speeds through a tube. Reaching 800 mph, or 1,200 km/h, the Hyperloop could take a passenger from Madrid to Barcelona in just thirty minutes.

Some of the most important engineers from around the world have been working on the project for free, up to ten hours a week, including employees of NASA, Yahoo, Google and Boeing and researchers from Stanford, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Harvard.

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies will soon begin construction of a 8km-long “test tube” located in Quay Valley, California.

Company CEO, Dirk Ahlborn, explains that the “prototype will transport over 10 million people a year”, and that it will become profitable after just eight years. Over twenty cities are interested in adding the technology to their infrastructure. Projects in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa will likely come first because there will be fewer bureaucratic hurdles to overcome. Fortunately, if government and public approval are the largest obstacles, that means the technology itself and funding for the project is easier to come by.

Ahlborn also noted that the Hyperloop would be cheaper than the high-speed rail line currently being constructed between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

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  1. The first Hyperloop will almost certainly be built in the US. There are two builds underway at the moment. Both short run test tracks.

    Will the first long distance Hyperloop be built in the US, in Spain, in China? It’s far too early to tell. Personally, I wouldn’t bet on Spain. Spain already has HSR. 2.5 hours.


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