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Galibier: Bugatti’s Four-door Electric Car Might Be Out in 2025


“The four-door car is not dead,” said Wolfgang Duheimer, Bugatti’s President, to Automotive News at the Frankfurt Motor Show. This is in reference to the idea, back in 2009, of producing a four-door car called “Galibier.” It was put off in the course of the development of Chiron, Bugatti’s current and sole model for eight years more.

“For the time I can foresee, [Bugatti] will be a one-model brand,” added Duheimer. With this, Chiron is expected to be replaced by Galibier by 2024 or 2025.

It hasn’t been decided yet if Galibier’s powertrain will be fully electric or hybrid. Duheimer expressed that what is important is for Galibier to deliver a performance expected from the brand.

The supercar manufacturing company has also considered making Chiron’s powertrain electric. However, because of the difficulties encountered regarding the battery’s weight and packaging, the concept was discarded. Nonetheless, Chiron performs at 1500 horsepower through conventional ways.

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  1. Well, looks like the luxo cars are all going Electric, as are the medium sports segment covered by the Tesla Model; 3 but, where is the $20,000 EV for the rest of us? The best for right now is a used Nissan Leaf for $8-$15,000 and those are selling like hot cakes.


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