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How to Build a Mini Hydroelectric Generator from Washing Machine Parts


In this video we will see how an old washing machine is converted into a little hydroelectric generator for powering an off the grid house.

Essentially, what he does is attaching a Pelton wheel to the shaft, diverting some of the water through a pipe and the difference in height between the water intake and the Pelton wheel will create enough water pressure to spin the shaft generating enough electricity to power his house. Quite simple and amazing right? Not having to pay your bills again…you just need to have a river flowing on your property.

You will need to keep the tub, the stator, the rotor, shaft and bearings. The Pelton wheel can be bought in eBay.

The Stator  

You will also need to rewire the stator, it is explained in detail in the following video:

The rectifier

After the building phase you will need to install the rectifier. The rectifier converts the three-phase AC output of the generator into DC current suitable for charging a battery bank.

How to make one:

The charge controller

The charge controller senses when the batteries are fully charged and dumps any excess power. A programable Logic Controller (PLC) can do that work.

How to make a PLC:

Ready to go!

So! After all this work you can now start getting some results. In the video the water pressure entering the system is about 45psi. The voltage output is about 29V and the current delivered is 21A. The overall price for doing the generator is under USD$300 (without taking to account the charge controller and the batteries).

What do you think? Would you DIY?

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