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California Supplementing Their Hydrogen Refueling Stations


The California Energy Commission (CEC) is betting its money on the hydrogen trend and by all appearances, it won’t be a waste: codes, standards and tests to make it possible for hydrogen to be commercialized as retail fuel. But most important of all, it will build three more hydrogen refueling stations.

These are set to materialize in high-traffic areas such as Laguna Niguel, West Sacramento and South San Francisco in the next year and a half. As it was said before, CEC is supporting most of the funding for construction as follows: $4million for Laguna Nigel and Sacramento each, but only $567,003 for South San Francisco.

Still, that covers most of the money needed on the case of the first two. Even though the legal backing is still fuzzy in this domain, the state officials view this as an investment for the long run, dedicated to attract developers.

And when I say the long run, I mean 2015: that is the year when car manufacturers plan to produce fuel cell vehicles needing hydrogen.

As all viable projects, the stations need to meet some standards: they must produce at least 100 kg of hydrogen each day (33% of which using renewable energy), offer retail-like facilities to the public and one more crucial detail – to have automakers sell fuel cell vehicles nearby.

[via Cnet]

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