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California Promises Space Monitoring of Climate-Changing Emissions


During a climate summit in San Francisco, company executives unveiled plans to reduce climate-changing emission, while local and state governments committed to abandoning coal and champion clean energy.  However, the biggest announcement came as the gathering ended with California announcing its venture into space monitoring of climate-changing emissions.

The summit marks the start of a more united climate action by government bodies and agencies beyond the U.S. national government. This meeting comes together at a time of great need as Hurricane Florence sweeps into North Carolina, battering residents with heavy rain and 90 mph winds.

In May, it was reported that the White House planned to cut funding for a satellite based system to monitor climate-changing emissions from space. Luckily, California Governor Jerry Brown, an outspoken critic of President Donald Trump, has decidedly filled the void in leadership for curbing global climate change. Through space monitoring of climate-changing emissions, scientists are able to pinpoint the source of highly potent greenhouse gases such as methane. This advancement will fuel research, policy, and enforcement for many years to come.

Momentum of Change

Other major announcements from the climate summit included 21 tech companies joining forces to cut greenhouse gases, investors managing $5.6 trillion in assets saying they would halt deforestation and Indian conglomerate Mahindra promising to slash its greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2040.

Also, there was a push for more efforts to trap climate-changing emissions in forests, soils, oceans and other natural systems. Earth’s ecosystems soaks up about half of the carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere by human activities each year.

[via Reuters]

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