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Capabilities for Automotive Research: Consortium Aimed At Finding Solutions For Future Cars


Electric vehicles will need proper standardization before they become mainstream. For that to happen, many aspects of the cars’ electrical and mechanical systems will have to be set.

An international 11-member consortium, named Capabilities for Automotive Research have just launched ten research projects aimed at developing the technology necessary for future electric/hybrid vehicles.

The consortium includes chipmaker Infineon, Toyota Tsusho, part of the Japanese auto manufacturer Toyota, and others. Their main focus will be on developing anti-collision steering systems and wireless charging.

“The automotive sector today faces many challenges and therefore presents many opportunities,” said Lim Chuan Poh, the chairman of state-backed Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR).

He also mentioned that the cars of the future have to be “intelligent and connected,” but this goal translates in solving a number of problems from different areas of science and technology.

Toyota Thusho will be providing the knowledge to making wireless charging easier to implement and standardize. Their prototype model is a car resembling a golf cart.

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