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Electric Audi A2 Sets New Distance Record For One Charge In Germany


An electric Audi A2 has just set a new world distance record by traveling 600 kilometers (372 miles) from Munich, in southern Germany to Berlin, without recharging its battery, this week.

The car was driven by Mirko Hannemann, and according to the German firms Lekker Energie and DBM Energy, the electric Audi A2 was created to give a new green definition to urban transport.

The two companies also stated that their EV had the longest road traveled by an electric car. “Welcome to a world record. Before, electric cars could typically only go 60 or 70 kilometers before recharging. This is a technological leap forward,” said Economy Minister Rainer Bruederle.

The government led by Chancellor Angela Merkel aims to bring more than one million electric cars on German roads by the end of 2020. Meanwhile, car manufacturer Volkswagen and world-leading luxury car maker BMW have both announced they plan to release their first electric vehicles on the market by 2013.

[via Ecofriend / AFP]

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