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The Newest Revolution In Fuel Is Greener Than You Might Think


Israeli engineersThe race to find the “cure” for ending the use of fossil fuels is consistent and harried. Researchers all over the world are hard at work to seek out that new fuel source that will cause people to want to use it.

The EV is a great option, but with only about 5% of sales pointing that direction by 2035 – there may be need for something else.

Moti Herskowitz is the project Manager for a new fuel that can be produced from carbon dioxide and water with a much lower production cost than that of traditional oil distribution. Developed by Herskowitz, Dr. Roxana Vidruk, a team from BGU’s Blechner Center of Industrial Catalysis & Process Development, and Professor Miron Landau – this cutting edge fuel alternative could be commercially viable by 2025.

When two of the most common substances on earth can be broken down through electrolysis, into Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules, you have a sustainable fuel that has never been seen before. The resulting Hydrogen is combined with carbon dioxide from the air and then the resulting compound is placed into a reactor with a nanocatalyzer. This resulting, organic, liquid and gas that can be reprocessed easily at oil refining complexes. The final product has been tested in every vehicle from cars to aircraft, and the benefit of the product being cleaned of impurities provides the engine will be free of damage from particles.

We can only imagine this fuel discovery was a great new topic at the Fuel Choices Summit November tenth and eleventh, in Tel Aviv. Every nation wants to cut fossil fuel consumption, cut waste and find green alternatives. Israel is alongside everyone else with their desire to cut the country’s oil consumption by 60% by 2025.

With fossil fuels on the decline, the earth is in need of a more viable option. A fuel that is made from two of the most common substances on the surface of the earth is a very sustainable option. This alternative does not damage the atmosphere like the production of crude oil and does not face the roadblocks of electric vehicles. It may not be long before we are pumping the newest fuel at the pump.

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