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Atmospheric CO2 at Its Highest Last Friday, Scientists Warn


surfaceThe concentration of carbon dioxide, one of the most dangerous greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, has passed 400 parts per million (ppm) milestone on Friday. In human history, a record of such levels have been detected millions of years ago, when sea level has been nearly 40 meters higher than today’s, while the Arctic has not been covered by ice at all.

Despite all warnings given by scientists over the past few decades, the levels of the dangerous gas have been increasing steadily from concentrations of 280 ppm at beginning of the industrialization.

According to leading researchers and climatologists, passing the 400 ppm milestone should serve as wake up call. Although there have been numerous agreements to minimize carbon dioxide emissions and keep the increase in average temperatures around 1-2 degrees C, with the current trends it is likely that soon the world will face an increase of as much as 6 degrees C.

Scientists also predict that major ecosystems such as the coral reefs and forests, will suffer major transformations and even extinction. They warn that only urgent reduction of emissions will prevent the society from suffering major catastrophic consequences.

The upcoming UN summit in Paris, 2015, is known to be the deadline for settling an international treaty to fight carbon emissions.  It is clear that to date there is a complete lack of political commitment.


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