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Kudos: Nissan’s Carlos Ghosn Still Into the EV Dream


Nissan Leaf Power-TrainCarlos Ghosn, Nissan Motor Company’s CEO, isn’t all that worried about Nissan Leaf’s poor sales numbers. The 20,000-unit sales goal isn’t anywhere close to being realistic this year. As of October, not even 7,000 units had been sold, even less than last year by this time, which was just over 8,000.

In any case, Ghosn says, “Zero emissions, for me, is here to stay even though it’s not selling as well as we thought… And this is totally normal.”

Nissan still has big plans for electric vehicles [EV], 1.5 million by the end of 2015, but in the short term, is satisfied that the rest of the fuel efficient Nissan lineup is selling well, especially outside of the US. The US is going to have to come around regarding EVs, with other countries like Japan, China, and France being way ahead of the game. “No matter what, the United States is going to have to embrace electric cars in a way that is more sustainable.,” Ghosn says.

Nissan and Renault EVs are gaining a foothold in markets around the world, especially in more EV friendly countries, such as Japan and France, as well as in emerging markets like China. There may be some political pressure between Japan and China, but perhaps EVs can seal the deal.

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