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Electric Vehicle Racing Revolution on the Streets of Rome


Ferrari Formula 1 V12 Racing Engine - Unheard at the Formula e Races in 2014We might be familiar with Formula 1 racing, featuring low-slung aerodynamic racing cars with fat exposed tires gripping the track, racing around corners through Rome’s monuments to the past.

Now, the past meets the future with the replacement of the powerful engines, with electric motors, that have wowed onlookers for generations. What if the Formula racing circuit was a little quieter?

A new revolution in racing, with the formation of a new racing circuit, Formula e, the racing administration is ushering in a new era in racing and entertainment, just a little quieter, and a little bit greener.

The new Formula e racers still feature radical aerodynamic designs, but don’t come with engines, and instead using rechargeable battery packs and electric motors.

2014 marks the start of the new Formula e racing circuit, with a 14-race series pitting drivers from around the world driving exclusively electric vehicles. Given the unequaled torque that electric motors produce, I can imagine that, even without screaming engines, the Formula e racers will generate enough screaming fans to make up for it.

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