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Tesla Motors Sends “Rangers” to Fix Electric Cars


Tesla Rangers - Mobile Tesla TechnicianYears ago, perhaps decades, doctors stopped making house calls. Now, even if you have an emergency, perhaps your only option is to head to the emergency room, which could be miles away. Automotive companies haven’t made house calls, perhaps ever?

Lexus, back in 1989, made house calls when a fault was found in their first model offering, the LS 400. Technicians rushed to the homes and businesses of Lexus owners with the repair in hand. Today, though, rare is the visit from your local Lexus technician.

Tesla Motors, a start-up electric vehicle manufacturer, just like Lexus was a start-up in 1989, has taken a different approach to sales and service. Their approach to sales even has the automobile franchise associations up at arms threatening a lawsuit.

Their approach to service, though, probably has at least a few customers breathing a sigh of relief. Needless to say, the Tesla Model S, the first of its kind, is a special vehicle, and isn’t something that just any technician or do-it-yourselfer ought to touch.

Case in point: Autoweek writer, Rory Carroll, couldn’t get his Model S to move. In order to get service, he had two options, either take the car, or in his case, tow, to the nearest Tesla Service Center, or ask for a house call.

The Tesla Rangers, mobile technicians, came to Mr. Carroll’s home in Michigan, found that the charging plug wouldn’t disengage from the port, disabling the vehicle. They fixed the problem, and Mr. Carroll was on his way. It’s too bad that such a service model, making house calls, isn’t to be found in other automakers today.

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