Okeanos Technologies WaterChip NanoScale Desalination Plant

“Water Chip” Nanoscale Desalination Developed at University of Texas

Access to potable water is especially critical near the ocean, where overuse of wells can depress the freshwater table and allow saltwater to creep...

Solar-Powered System Extracts Potable Water from Air

For many people from urban areas the access to potable water is very low. To combat the water crisis, scientists had to design systems that can help provide clean drinking water from something that is omnipresent.
Comparison Between Typical Power Transmission Cables and Superconducting Cables, Both Rated at 12,500 Amps

Superconductors Could Increase Wind Turbine Efficiency

One of the great limitations in any electrical or electronic system is resistance. Electrical resistance, measured in “Ω” or ohms, is not a constant,...