Scientists Using Microwaves to Turn Waste Motor Oil Into Usable Fuel

British scientists from the University of Cambridge have developed a method of converting waste motor oil into diesel to be used in any diesel engine. By using microwaves and a specially-designed material, they burn the oil in the absence of oxygen, a process called pyrolysis.

Circular Runways Could Change Airports for the Better

Henk Hesselink is a man who has a very interesting idea about the future of airport design. In a recent study paid for by...

Home Energy Monitors Do Not Necessarily Save Energy In The Long Run, Study Says

A study conducted by University of Delft students showed that energy management systems used at home (HEMS) are not as efficient as they were presumed to be. Human nature seems to be the fault, and the effect manifests itself in the long run.

Philips Overhauls Main LED as A19 LED which is more Efficient and Good Looking

Philips, the lighting producer has just introduced an updated version of its highly successful 12.5W LED bulb. As one of the most sought-after A19...