New Electron Cooling Discovery to Extract More Energy from Solar Cells

Do you know that electrons can be "cooled"? The cooling of an electron, in lay language, is the transitory state in which the electron passes from a high-oscillation state to a low-oscillation, normal state. The high oscillation state is given by an external stimulus, i.e. electric voltage.
Sofant SmartAntenna - Small and Light

Micro Antenna Boosts Mobile Connectivity and Battery Life

Are mobile phones and other wireless personal electronic devices green? While we don't boast how big our gasoline-powered mobile phone generators are, we have...

Protein Nanotubes Could Make Solar Panels Self-Washable

Scientists at the Tel Aviv University (TAU) are sure that their newest research in the nanotechnology field could lead to the development of a new type of solar panels and glass that need no cleaning and apparently put window washers out of work.

Chinese Grid Operators to Raise Prices, Target “Irresponsible” Consumers

It's only logic, right: you consume more, you pay more! In China however, you pay even more than the normal "more": starting this July,...
Summerhill Group's Contest in Toronto Teaches Commuters How to Curb Emissions and Win

Learn to Curb Emissions and Win Free Gas in Toronto, Canada

In an effort to educate consumers to curb emissions and the benefits of cleaner transportation, the Toronto nonprofit, Summerhill Group, is giving away free...

Tesla’s Gigafactory, World’s Largest Net Zero Energy Building

The latest from Tesla's battery 'Gigafactory': it will produce all the energy it consumes, and it will be renewable. There is an ever-so-growing anticipation and...

Thermal Mass Construction Revolutionizes Green Residential Architecture

Thermal mass construction (TMC) operates on the principle that it is more energy-efficient to keep a relatively massive structure at a steady temperature than...

NASA Forward Osmosis Bag Transforms Urine Into Drinking Water

If you ever saw Bear Grylls and his gross pee-drinking desert adventure, then you know you shouldn't drink that liquid (mostly when it's hot like soup and stinks like nothing else on Earth). NASA has nevertheless discovered a solution to this "problem" by inventing a bag that filters anything, from pee to dirty water and transforms it into a drinkable liquid.

Save 40% of Water Heating Costs with EcoDrain

The idea behind this energy gadget is simple: every time you take a shower, or wash your hands and, generally, use hot water, you waste a lot of energy down the drain in the form of hot water. That energy is really a big waste, because a lot of energy is put into heating that water.

Google Cools New Finland Data Center With Sea Water, No Air Conditioning

Besides investing in the most interesting and promising green technologies, Google is now reaffirming its green commitment by building a data center in Hamina, Finland. Initially built in the 1950s and projected to be a paper mill, the building already had tunnels diving into the sea.