Justin Capra: The Green-Hearted Creator of The Jetpack and Several Alternative Inventions

After presenting Vasile Karpen and his wonderful but yet not understood invention of the battery that's been running for 60 years, now it's time for another brilliant Romanian green-hearted genius: Justin Capra, the original inventor of the jet pack.
'Drumi', a pedal-powered portable washer-dryer

Drumi – The Pedal-Powered Laundry Washer That Doesn’t Need Electricity

Drumi, a pedal-powered portable washer-dryer presented at the 2015 Green Living Show at Toronto, doesn't need electricity, battery, generator or a solar panel. Ever worried about the...

How to Build Chas Campbell’s Gravitational Engine

There is a lot of talk about Chas Campbell's gravitational field invention, but for the beginning I will start with a few notions: Chas has...

How to Produce Electricity with Only Paper, a Pencil and Tape

Device made using a pencil, some paper and some tape, can generate enough electricity to power small electronics, courtesy of researchers from University of Tokyo. A...

Better Than a Glass House, This Plastic Bottle Classroom Rocks

They say that people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. But if you stay inside a plastic bottle classroom during a tropical...

PSU Project Aims To Mimic Skin Responsiveness For Designing Energy-Efficient Buildings

One day, man-made buildings will mimic the human body in the relationship with the exterior. Penn State University researchers are about to study and implement a model that uses the sensitivity and flexibility of human cells to build "skins" that will give buildings the possibility to self-adapt to the exterior, to regulate their energy use according to changes in the environment.

MythBusters’ Bubble Bike Reduces Emissions and Boosts Fuel Efficiency

We've got to love the MythBusters on The Discovery Channel. These guys have the incredible ability to break all, OK maybe not all, but...

SunPower Helps Sewage Treatment Plants Get Self Sustaining

Wastewater treatment plants are usually packed with industrial-sized aerators, pumps and other machines that usually use a lot of electricity from the grid. But SunPower Corp. developed a solar power system for the West Riverside Wastewater Treatment Plant in Corona, California that is able to generate one-megawatt of energy

Synthetic Leaves Performing Artificial Photosynthesis

A team of scientists at MIT and Michigan along with researchers at the University of California have discovered that artificial photosynthesis could produce electric energy.

New Fuel Efficient Truck Developed by Japanese Company

You know it's only a matter of time before all cars go electric; but what about trucks? Now that's a good question! Apparently, that's...