DIY: How to Build a Solar Furnace from a Satellite Dish

This is about how to build a solar furnace out of a satellite antenna dish and mirror broken in many pieces. As you may know, satellite dishes have a focal point (that is a point in which the electromagnetic energy focuses at its maximum power). In this experiment, our DIYer, Mike, from whom I have taken the idea and the photos, makes use of this focal point to create the same effect that the dish does with the radio waves, but this time he does it with the Sun’s rays.

Focused in one point, the solar power concentrates from the whole surface, so the bigger the surface, the bigger the power concentrated in the capturing spot.

Mike does this system and is not completely satisfied with the results of putting only one dish at work, but instead he uses an array of four, controlled by an electronic circuit via a motor, also powered from some solar cells.

Below is an example of the technological process of building this simple free energy device or better said – solar energy device:

You can find the whole thing on Mike’s own blog, here. Great job, Mike! Keep it up!


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  • jaytoolman92

    This looks really interesting. I think that the dish might be concentrating the heat a little too much. Wouldn’t the solar panels be burnt from the sun’s magnification? I think I will probably stick with a more traditional heater until this technology is refined a little more.

  • Many thanks for your introduce. I’ll make a solar furnace when I get enough material.

  • Todd

    Put this together with a stirling engine and I could probably power my house….hmm

  • Hi,
    Nice website, thanks for linking to my blog.
    I recently reorganized my website, and moved all of the blogs to a separate heading, so you may want to re link directly to the new location.
    keep up the good work.

    • Hi Mike,

      I updated the link to you. Thanks for the notice!