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Nissan Nuvu Electric Concept Presented at Paris


Nissan will introduce a new completely electric concept at the Paris Motor Show. Nissan’s vision for the future of urban transport has been put into practice through the new Nuvu model, an ultra-compact vehicle that could be driven at the middle of the next decade.

The Japanese auto maker announced that the new electric concept has only 3 meters in length and 2 +1 seats, being created for the customers who want an urban vehicle, easy to drive and comfortable. Regarding its electrical nature, Nissan Nuvu will have a lot of tiny solar panels on the roof, which will use the sun energy for charging itself. The captured energy will be stored in the battery from the luggage compartment.

The fact that Nissan Nuvu is an electric vehicle has re-proven the Japanese auto maker’s intentions, who has announced that will expand the electrical range models at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2009, following that these to be put on sale in Japan and North America during the already known “electric year” 2010.

Nissan hasn’t unveiled any photo of its future Nuvu as of today.

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