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Free Energy From Water Mists


“Oh, yes! In 25 years we could take over the world” – says Dan Zaslavsky, professor at the Institute of Agriculture of Israel. He and his team devised an Energy Tower working on the principle of rising hot air and lowering the cold one. That is the simple idea. They work on the project since 1983 and now they have all sketched up and waiting for an investor to come and finalize their work.

It’s about building a 3000 feet high tower in a hot area of the Earth (California, for example), and cooling the upper part of the tower with water. Any kind of water can be used, even sea water. The cooled air would drop from the top of the 3000 feet tube and move the turbines that produce electricity. It’s very simple, but, they say, effective. It’s said to produce 15 to 20 times the energy necessary for the entire planet.

The cost of electricity generated by this system could reach 2.5cents/kW, which is… cheap! Some blogs say it’s cheaper than solar power! Knowing that nanosolar’s power cells give about 3cents/W (!), it IS cheaper.

The schematic is rather simple, too, you can see it above.

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  1. Nice idea, but (a) how much does it cost to build a 3000m tower, and (b) how much does it cost to pump all that seawater 3km straight up, and (c) doesn’t California (and Israel) suffer from earthquakes?


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