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Levitating Magnetic Wind Turbine – efficiency made in China


What could result if you combine magnetic power, wind power, and a huge-sized facility? Energy!!! It even results a lot of energy. How do you call it when you put in 53 million dollars and get 214 million dollars out of it? Profit! So… profit+energy=CHEAP!

The chinese have done it again! They are now building maglev wind powered generators beginning with 2008! Their capacity will be from 400 to 5000W, in the first half of 2008. These are nothing but specially designed vertical wind turbines, who do not rely on bearings to roll, but on magnetic levitation, having almost no friction in their work. They will function even at low wind speeds (3mph).

The cost of operation of this type of turbine is very low and the cost per kilowatt reaches as low an 1-2 cents. The investment in building the turbine is recovered very shortly, as you can see from the profit they get out of it. A first application of the maglev wind turbine could be powering the highway lights with the wind produced by the passing cars.

The structure itself is built to last about 500 years, and the turbine blades about 50.

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