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Gasoline And Steam Engine Reloaded


Bruce Crower‘s engine is an innovation derived from a standard 4-stroke engine. It uses 6 strokes – the 4 normal ones, and at the end of the 4th it introduces the 5th and the 6th:

– it squirts water on the 1500 °F hot cylinder, creating a steam volume 1600 times greater than the volume of water. The steam power pushes down the piston, creating an additional power stroke

– the 6th stoke exhausts the steam into a condenser, where it’s recycled for the next injection.

This way, Crower’s engine uses the redundant heat produced by the classic engine. His engine, the “steam-o-lene”, is 40% more efficient than a normal one. Plus, it all the technology behind this innovation already exists, so there will be no more waiting for new one, like the case of fuel cells or efficient batteries. Plus, the diesel engines may reach 40% more efficiency with this method.

I wonder if his invention isn’t the gasoline and steam vision of BMW (they bought it from him)…

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