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Engine Powered By Hydrogen Electrolyzer


Here’s another guy that succeeded in making an engine run on water. He made several hydrogen electrolyzers and connected them in parallel. The gas they’re producing is making a 12 hp engine work. I intend to present a similar experiment made by myself by the end of this year, and make the info free. So… stay in touch with my blog! 🙂

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  1. Nice try…..jeez

    Ok guys..fact time.

    You will need a minimum of 6% of the total air flow of the engine to run it on H2

    just do the math..ok?

    2liter engine x 2000 rpm = 4000 liters x.06 = 240 liters per minute.

    Have look around..a really big HHO might make 500 liter per HOUR and that’s less than

    9 liter per minute at 20 amps at 12 volts…

    at that rate you can power you care much easier on electricity than on H2.

    I know…I manufacture H2 Gensets…here:



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