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Scientists Fantasizing How to Refreeze the Arctic Ice Cap


A scientist from Arizona State University has a bold plan to refreeze the arctic ice cap. Steven Desch is an astrophysicist, and he wants to build 10 million wind-powered pumps that would blast water onto the surface of the arctic ice.

It sounds crazy and he knows it,”It’s ambitions and a little bit crazy in scope, but all of the options on the table are a little bit crazy,” Desch commented, but he went on to point out, “The current state of things is nothing. That’s crazy.”

The polar ice cap is going to be gone by 2030, and there is currently no plan in place to resolve that small issue. This idea would cost an estimated half trillion dollars, and would take some time to implement.

On paper it looks good, and could add a meter of sea ice to the north pole every winter. In time, if present rates of warming continue, there should be a sustainable accumulation of ice.

Of course this is just a stop-gap measure that does nothing to address the real problem, and everyone at this table is smart enough to see that.

Desch himself referred to the plan as a, “band aid”, so we know that he has a realistic view of the problem.

Professor Julienne Stroeve works at University College London, and is also a senior scientist at the National Snow and Ice Data Center.

She points out that, “Global warming in response to rising CO2 concentrations would continue despite efforts to grow ice in the Arctic,” and also, “Thus, the excess heat at lower latitudes would still be transported towards the Arctic via atmospheric and oceanic circulation and this would counter efforts to grow ice in the Arctic.”

This is a very concise way of expressing our situation, and the gravity of it. It has gotten to the point where half a trillion dollars buys us a, “band aid”. We should seriously consider the value of profits from carbon dioxide emitting industries.

I will say this for Steven Desch, at least he is trying to help. Good for you sir, keep it up.

Even if your plan is bat$#!% crazy.

{via cnn]

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  1. I had the same idea but to spray water and artificial snow onto melting permafrost and melting arctic lakes to prevent methane from being released.

    The Clean Energy Research Foundation Inc. is researching ways of controlling greenhouse warming with renewable energy, energy efficiency, and geoengineering if necessary.


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