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New Revolutionary Recipe For Making Biodiesel In Under 6 Seconds!


Everybody is talking today about a young scientist, Brian Krohn (21), in fact a senior at Augsburg College. He invented a new revolutionary  way of making biodiesel out of waste oils, sparing the crops for feeding the poor (?).

His method implies the mixing of alcohol and coconut oil, soybean oil, and even algae. All these react with a catalyst, at high temperature, high pressure, creating pure biodiesel. This process is now known as the Mcgyan process.

Brian said, simply: “I really wanted to study a new way to produce biodiesel”. His invention brings a positive light again above the world of biodiesels, blamed in the few past months for being more pollutive than regular fossil fuels.
The most fun part is that one cup of Brian’s biodiesel is made under six seconds.

At the end of April, Brian will be heading to Washington, to present his invention in front of the US Congress.

One last stupid and obvious remark: why wouldn’t the free energy inventors, the zero point energy gurus also go to the Congress for presenting their inventions? Wouldn’t they reinvent the wheel?
Brian is only making new tires for them… It’s a step in a good direction! But there’s so much energy vibrating around us… Why aren’t we allowed to use it? Are we so lazy?

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