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Pest-free Lettuce Grows in Toshiba’s Old Factory


toshiba_lettuce_02-590x330 Toshiba, the Japanese tech giant, has a great solution to the pressing climate-change driven problem of food security. They converted an old factory into the most advanced farm in the world to grow lettuce.

The Yokosuka factory was once a leading facility that used to produce millions of floppy disks. As the technology advanced, however, the purpose of the factory transformed completely. It still produces something that the world will struggle without, but this time there is a twist.

Instead of having high tech robots that make thin data storage devices, the factory is equipped with special Toshiba-made lighting systems, high-tech water purification system, advanced temperature control, and one of a kind power generating technology. All of this is there for one sole purpose, to maintain the world’s most advanced lettuce production process.

It is quite understandable to think that the tech-giant has gone quite a long way out in order to put together a facility that does pretty much the same as an ordinary greenhouse, but it is in fact not entirely true. The plants are no ordinary lettuce. These have no pests, no disease, and can be eaten as is, with no need of extra wash and water waste.

Naturally, the place can be used to grow any type of edible plants. The so-called “clean room” provides incredibly suitable conditions that are not affected by weather or environmental pollution (see demo video here). At the moment, at its full capacity, the factory in Yokosuka produces around 8,500 heads of perfectly healthy and germ- and pest-free lettuce.

What is more, the facility is not only a high-tech greenhouse, but it is also a demo place, which shows that the special Toshiba technology can be fitted practically anywhere. It allows indoor agricultural production to take place even in the most arid and most highly polluted areas of the world.

Just a few months ago, a similar facility stole the headlines. Another Japanese lead tech company, Fujitsu, turned some of their factory’s free rooms that were once used to make computer chips, into clean gardens to grow organic lettuce.

Image (c) Toshiba

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