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Glossy Hair, White Teeth, Healthy Living- No Aluminum Needed


1011-07_sexy-shiny-hair-tips-woman-brushing-hair_liFor most people, it is more important that their toothpaste has whitening properties, or their shampoo gives volume or removes dandruff, than what is in the list of ingredients. I wonder, would this still be the case if they knew that aluminum is found in most products on the market? It can cause irreversible environmental pollution and may have numerous implications on human health.

About a month ago, a shocking study on Alzheimer’s revealed the ugly truth about the cosmetics we use and food we consume. The author pointed out that aluminum is all around us. Our bodies can discharge great amounts of the excess element, however overexposure results in aluminum accumulation in the vital organs, and leads to numerous health problems, including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson, and various nervous disorders.

Unfortunately, nowadays it is very difficult to escape from aluminum, especially since it is present in almost everything– cookware, medications, food and food additives, body care products, and even drinking water. But difficult does not mean impossible, and here are some tips to avoid excessive exposure to the element.

Do make sure that your cooking pots are made of steel. Avoid any food that has the E-additives, the list of aluminum-containing ones is huge. Make sure you consume foods rich in magnesium, which can pull the element away. Avoid fizzy drinks and sodas as much as possible, and replace them with carrot juice and green tea, which can also pull heavy metals from fatty tissue. Last but not least, indulge on garlic and onions.

Now, in terms of body care products, recent studies have identified the great benefits of using coconut oil as a replacement to body lotions and hair conditioners (in addition to being a great addition to your daily menu). Baking soda, another miracle product is long known for its teeth-whitening properties.

Shampoos, especially the dry ones, seem to be most problematic, as almost all products on the market contain some form of aluminum. Opt for a mix of baking soda and vinegar, to replace shampoo all together. If you are skeptical about it, do follow the blog by Katherine Martinko on Treehugger, she tested the no-shampoo strategy, and she seems very happy with the results.

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