Laser-Powered Micro Stirling Engine Invented by German Researchers

You know how Stirling engines work, don't you? If you don't you can make an idea by imagining a cylinder with a fixed quantity...

Dean Kamen's Stirling Engine Hybrid Scooter Runs on Anything

The inventor of Segway (you know, those 2-wheeled self-balancing personal transporters you see in touristic cities - I saw one in Rome) is now specializing in Stirling engines - the grandfather of the steam engine and more efficient than current gasoline engines.

Evita: Hot Water and Important Electricity Savings From Stirling Engine-Equipped Boiler

I thought Stirling engines can offer great advantages if used in cars, but it never crossed my mind using such an engine in a heating boiler for your household. Evita is the name of the latest boiler made by Remeha, a Dutch company, using a Stirling engine to produce electricity and upload it to the grid.

New Nuclear Reactor With a Stirling Engine Could Power Space Missions

A new reactor concept that combines Stirling engine with modern heat pipe cooling system might provide power to upcoming space missions. The invention was...

Solar Stirling Engine System Working in Colder and Darker Areas

Stirling engines become more and more used and promoted among alternative energy circles. The interesting fact with them is that they can be fueled by any source of heat, and the cleaner the source is, the better the stirling engine does to the environment.

SunCatcher's Stirling-Engine Based Solar Concentrators to Start in 2010

Tessera Solar and Stirling Energy Systems (SES) have unveiled new designs of their SunCatcher system at Sandia National Laboratories' National Solar Thermal Test Facility (NSTTF).

MSI To Make Self-Cooled Stirling Engine Motherboards

If you ever had to do with a computer, or with buying a computer by parts, then you surely have heard of MSI. They are...

The Stirling Racer: Nice But Expensive Stirling Engine Toy Powered By The Sun

It's nice for a toy, but difficult to understand when it comes to explaining the true greenness of this invention. A stirling engine-powered toy just hit the market recently, combining a 194-year-old engine concept touted today for its fuel flexibility with solar power-the baby that modern science wants to grow.

IBM’s Photovoltaic Prototype Can Concentrate the Power of 2000 Suns

IBM Researchers have built a low-cost prototype solar dish that produces electricity and generates heat for desalination or cooling. IBM got the idea for...