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New Charging Station Map Displays Tesla’s Success


tesla-superchargers-world-01.jpg.650x0_q70_crop-smartVisionary Elon Musk has reached a big goal in his long-term plan to power the world with electricity instead of fossil fuels.

There are now 500 Tesla Supercharger Stations around the world, amounting to 2,800 individual Superchargers. It was only three years ago that there was not a single charging station to be found, but now maps depicting the locations of the charging stations demonstrates just how quickly Musk and Tesla are achieving their goals.

The map shows the chargers are clustered in the United States, western Europe and eastern Asia. On the North American map, it is easy to see that they follow major thoroughfares. Many will be able to spot the familiar trace of the interstate in their area, spaced at reasonable intervals so that clean energy is never far away.


The charging stations are most dense in Europe, where they can be found from Barcelona to the northern reaches of Norway, the country whose citizens own the greatest number of Teslas.


The Superchargers can re-energize an EV battery faster than any other charger at the moment, taking only 30 minutes to add 170 miles of driving range.

Tesla’s long-term goals are to replace fossil fuel-emitting technology with electric technology, while finding better ways to generate power. Musk is also the chairman of SolarCity, a company that outfits residential homes with solar power. The two companies work together to achieve energy independence.

While Tesla has spent many years making electric vehicles that were only available to the very wealthy because of their price, the company has also been working to improve EV battery technology to make it more affordable and plans to release a cheaper model in the coming years.

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